31 January, 2013

9 Months!

Little man is nine months old and already he is a little man! When do they go from babies to little people? I mean it seem to happen over night.  On one hand it's like he's only 9 months old and on the other it's he's nine months old? Soon he'll be 1 then 20. 
What has he been up too? He is starting to crawl that is if he doesn't think about it.  Then once he realizes what he is doing he just sits back down on his butt. He has been trying to pull himself up on to everything too. No huge face plants or bumps yet. We got the first falling off the bed out of the way with both parents in the room by the way. They sure are quick. He is so interested in everything it's crazy. He gets mildly obsessed with things. He loves the drawings his cousin Aida drew him that are hanging in his room.  We have to go over to them so he can touch them. He loves to touch stuff and look at things and inevitably put them in his mouth.
Tooth number 4 in making an appearance too. He was killing mommy when the first top tooth came in but we have seem to have gotten the hang of it now. Thank god! Now if he would only drink out of a cup we would be all good. Ah, hello Luca....mommy would like to go out and sleep late. Can you please drink the boob juice out of something else other than me! Baby steps right?
He has figured out how to play with Scout and make him talk and sing. Scout is the leap frog dog that you program his name into and other random facts. He knows to squeeze his paws to get him to talk. He even did it last night in his sleep. All of a sudden we heard Scout over the monitor but Luca was dead asleep with his hand on his paw.
He sure does like to talk too. Bababababb daaadaada mamamamammeeemmm. And he loves go go pah with this little faint breath and smack his lips.
Pointing! Point at this, point at that, stick his finger up your nose while pointing as well.
I know, you all know this already since you all had kids way before me but in case you forgot I thought you might need some refreshing.
Love my little man! 

16 December, 2012

Mama Bear

Last night around 1:30 am I woke up. I had a bad dream, one of those dreams that sticks with you. One of those dreams that you can't go back to sleep from.  The short of it was there was a bear in my basement of our old house on Bogert Road.  I heard it coming so I opened the door from the kitchen leading down to the stairs and I remembered that Dough Boy tried to get through but I kicked him back with my leg cause I didn't want him to get eaten and then shut the door behind me leaving him and Luca upstairs.  I walked down the stairs to find the bear right at the bottom, somewhere I wasn't expecting him to be. He grabbed my hand with his big teeth but it didn't hurt, I couldn't feel it but the pain in my heart was huge.  I had realized I had made a big mistake going down the stairs and that this bear was going to kill me but that is not why I was scared or in pain. I was scared because I knew that this bear was going to kill me then go upstairs and kill my dog and my baby and there was nothing I could do about it. I woke in a panic. My heart hurt. I couldn't protect my baby boy no matter what from the big bear that was coming for him. I actually thought of all the things I could have done differently instead.  I thought of all the things that I could have done but didn't to save him because I didn't think for a second it would end this way.  I immediately thought of the pour parents of those 20 children and for a split second I felt a fraction of their pain. 
A few minutes later I heard lil' man stirring on the monitor. I turned on the video to see what he was doing. He was awake and looking for froggie. He doesn't sleep with a night light so he was feeling around the crib in search of his soft satin blanket he sleeps with on his head.  At one point he reached down with his right hand and grabbed the sleeve of his left arm and pulled it up only to find that it wasn't froggie but only himself.  I don't usually go in to his room at night but after that dream I just had to. I had to go save the night and give my lil' man his frog. I walked in as stealth like as possible and grabbed the frog and dropped it on his head but as soon as I turned away he began to cry. I was spotted! I had to go back. I reached down and grabbed him and held him tight. Mommy's hear and froggie too.
Since Steven often abandons me in the middle of the night for cooler and quieter beds I brought Luca in to bed with me. As I moved the pillows aside and lied him down in the darkness of our room he let out a "mama".  My heart melted. That was the first time he had said that to me because he knew it was me, he wasn't just babbling. He knew that I am his mama, his mama bear. 

15 December, 2012


I have been a mom now for almost 8 months and every morning I drag myself out of bed somewhere between 7-8 a.m. I pee and brush my teeth before stumbling into lil' man's room.  There he is lying in his crib with froggie kicking away. How long has he been up? An hour? 5 minutes? Who knows? I sure don't but he lies there patiently waiting for his lazy mom to come and get him. As the sleepiness falls from my eyes my heart starts to warm as I walk across the room to his crib knowing I am about to experience the most amazing part of my life, his smile as he sees his mommy. For those of you that know him you know I have the best boy in the world. He is so easy going and happy. He loves everyone and laughs all the time. Okay, so some of that is a little biased. He is my love, my joy and my heart. He makes me laugh and he makes me cry. He makes me smile and he makes me curse and all in five minutes but I love my lil' man!
As I hold my not so little boy anymore I think of how big he is getting and how quickly he will grow up.  I think of how I can protect him, care for him and make his life as painless as possible.  I know I can't put him an a bubble and keep him safe forever. I know there are no guarantees but I will do what ever possible for him and I know I will just love him more and more everyday. No matter what life has in store for me I will do my best to get through it for my Lil' Man!
I can honestly say that yesterday's events have hit me hard and I know it is because I am now a mom. Of course if I wasn't a mom now I would still be saddened by what happened in Newtown.  After all I have a niece, my goddaughter, who is in the first grade in CT.  But now I have that bond, that bond that tugs at your heart when you hear his cry. That bond that warms you like a blanket when he belly laughs at something you did. That bond that will protect him forever, my lil' man.

14 November, 2012

Six Months Already?

Lil man is six months already but yet I can't remember life with out him.  Only six months and he's been everywhere, well almost. Let's see, he went to Cape May, NJ, Myrtle Beach,SC, Seattle,WA, Ithaca, NY, Philadelphia, PA, and Daytona Beach,FL. He was on his first plane ride at three months old and his first road trip at 5 months.
He has been teething since he was born and he still doesn't have teeth!
He loves to eat just like his mama and haven't really found anything he doesn't like to eat so far. Well, like his dad peas are not his favorite but like his mom he'll eat them!
He is sitting up like a champ and even standing with assistance of course. He can roll over to his belly and back but forgets he can so he just cries in frustration and puts his head down in defeat. Silly boy! He loves clap hands, laughs at everything and is ticklish too. 
Pavlovian response...I use Mustela no rinse soap to spruce him up and wash his face. I put it in a tiny spray bottle and I will spray a wash cloth with it a couple times then wash his face with it. Now when he hears the spray bottle he scrunches up his face before I even wipe it off. It's very funny!
He is the cutest bestest baby ever and I love him to death!

07 September, 2012


 So little man has a froggy blanket similar to the one below that he loves to sleep with. Thumb in his mouth the other cuddling his froggy that is when its not covering his face! He loves to put the blanket right over his head and lie there kicking his feet like froggy is suffocating him.  The first night he kept doing it I would send Steven upstairs to take it off his head and before he could even leave the room he would throw it back over his head and start dancing again. I guess, like his mom, who loves to sleep with a pillow over her head and his dad who always slept with his thumb in his mouth as a kid he too is developing a strange sleep habit. Hey, what ever gets you to sleep little man is good with me. Don't worry, the blanket doesn't stay there long. He tends to sleep on his side with said blanket off to the side as well. I think he likes to do it just to worry us or just to make us laugh.

21 August, 2012

T minus 24 hours

It's 3:40 PM on Tuesday. I am boarding a flight to Seattle in less than 18 hours and I haven't even packed yet. Procrastination, unfortunately, was always my strong point.
I am both excited and anxious. Excited to see everyone and anxious about the flight and time change for the little man.  We all know how I love my sleep and he sleeps a solid 11-12 hours a night and I am hoping it stays that way on our journey.  At least he had too good poops today so I am hoping he won't be a crank tomorrow on the flight. The flight is full. I keep checking on United's website. I was able to upgrade to their economy class or whatever they call it for the trip back but for the trip there I am stuck in the way back in coach.  Oh well, we'll just have to deal and hope it goes well.
Funny thing about this whole trip is that friends of mine from Brooklyn are going to be in Seattle the same time I will so I might see them. I haven't seen them in years and they live an hour away but we might hook up 3000 miles away instead. Very funny how things like that work  out.
Anyhoo... I better start packing and doing wash.
See ya soon Mt Rainier!